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Jack Chew

Jack is a UK MSK Physiotherapist best known as the Director of Chews Health and host of ‘The Physio Matters Podcast’. Jack’s company combines clinical care, inter-professional CPD, event journalism and most recently, the instigation of a reform movement called #TheBigRs, which is tasked with providing a multi-level analysis and multi-modal solution to the current issues in MSK practice.


As an individual, Jack considers himself an MSK generalist but has been seen as a specialist in complex and persistent cases, especially in sport. Aged 26, Jack became the youngest ever Band 8a MSK Physiotherapist in the UK and served 3 years in post as an extended scope Physiotherapist under the leadership of Paula Deacon at the IPOPS service in Staffordshire. 


Jack lectures widely and loudly on everything from subjective assessment for students through to policy considerations for Consultants. He rarely shys away from sharing his opinions, namely that his profession, and the MSK industry at large, needs to stop lurching from fad to trend to fashion to dogma and own the process of improving the capacity, function and ability of patients and in turn, society at large.

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