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Where can I apply the discount/promotion code?

You'll do it during checkout. Click here to see a video that shows you how.

How often is TrustMe - Ed updated

We will add two or more high quality lectures/courses every month. Try to check the site at least once each week.

Can I upgrade from a monthly to yearly subscription?

Of course. Once logged in, you may upgrade your account here.

How much is TrustMe - Ed, and what do you offer?

TrustMe - Ed follows a subscription model. €11.99 a month gives you access to the entire catalog of videos, as well as all new content that is released each month.

Are any of the videos free?

Of course! Truthfully, We would love for all of the content to be free; however, the time investment (and infrastructure cost) is considerable. A small monthly fee allows us to dedicate as much energy as possible into providing the best lectures and courses on the web.

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