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TrustMe - Ed + MACP =

We are proud to announce that TrustMe - Ed is now a preferred educational partner of the MACP.

All our 160+ courses are now mapped according to IFOMPT and MACP´s standards ensuring the integrity, quality and value of the learning experience.

All MACP members now get 50% off to access the TrustMe - Ed platform, and use the content to add to their portfolio to become a Advanced (MACP Level Practitioner) via the accelerated pathway. You can find more information on this here:

You can get the discount code by logging into the MACP website here:

Apply your discount code in the "coupon" section during checkout when signing up for the yearly TrustMe - Ed membership.

IFOMPT dimensions

Here you can download our mapped content against the 10 IFOMPT dimensions:


What TrustMe - Ed offers:

  • 160+ lectures and online courses
  • 2 new lectures every month
  • Original content, only on TrustMe - Ed
  • The lectures are evidence based and of high quality
  • We bring together all the best teachers in the world on one platform
  • All this for less than a beer or glass of wine per week

Did you know that we have a lot of free lectures?

Yes, you heard right! We give away a lot of totally FREE lectures. Feel free to have a look yourself.

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