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This course blends evidence-based practice with expert clinical practice in the evaluation and management of chronic groin pain in athletes. The authors of this course will highlight new information regarding the history and new terminology surrounding groin pain in athletes. Contemporary information regarding key clinical examination findings associated with injury is presented.  A closer look at the pathomechanics behind groin pain in athletes is explored with treatment management strategies matched to the sport-specific demands of the athlete.  Updated evidence-based treatment strategies are presented and reviewed with regard to treatment efficacy while also highlighting what may still be missing from clinical practice.  An evidence-informed treatment strategy is presented with specific exercise-based videos incorporated to help the clinician implement new treatment approaches starting today!
Price: € 199,-
Extend your scope and become a PhysioCoach...or Osteo, Chiro, all healthcare professionals are welcome. Strength & Conditioning principles are an integral part of an effective rehabilitation journey, but Physiotherapists just don't learn these skills in their studies. Exercise prescription is learnt on the job, through a slow, painful and frustrating (especially for the patient) trial and error process.
Price: € 475,-

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