Nutrition for MSK health


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Nutrition for MSK health Nutrition for MSK health

Episode . Run time 1:10:17 - PUBLISHED ON 3RD OF NOVEMBER, 2020

This presentation is an in-depth look into the varied effects that aspects of nutrition could have on musculoskeletal health. We will cover a basic overview of nutrition, some considerations for soft-tissue injury, how our diet will impact bone health through the life course and where dietary changes could influence joint health. It is intended to give an insight and raise awareness of the importance of nutrition to musculoskeletal clinicians. 


Learning Points:

  • Physiotherapists and other musculoskeletal clinicians should have at least a baseline understanding of how nutrition could impact their patients. 
  • The science of nutrition and it's impact on musculoskeletal health is in its relative infancy. 
  • There are simple dietary strategies that may improve the recovery from a muscle, tendon or ligament injury.
  • There is a clear understanding that diet plays a crucial role in the health of our skeletal system - particularly maintaining bone mineral density. 
  • The low-grade systemic inflammation associated with osteoarthritis appears to be modifiable by dietary intake and therefore influences symptoms.
  • Developing a greater understanding of this area could greatly aid musculoskeletal practice whilst remaining aware of your scope of practice and knowing when to refer onwards.

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